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Maid, driver, dry cleaner, cook, personal homework checker, domestic goodness put on this earth to serve my family. Then there is my alter-ego. Sarcastic, trash talking, margarita drinking, would kick your butt back in the day, but loving loyal friend to the end kind of gal. I'm a Gemini, born in May... you get the drift.

My Confession

I have a confession to make. Recently I had fussed at my middle daughter because she had locked herself out of her Ipod for the SECOND time.  Not once, but twice.  This to no end aggravates me, for two reasons: … Continue reading

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Let’s Get it ON!

An aptly named title I do believe… I’ve had this blog for a month now and I have made my way to this page several times. And I’ve sat here.  And sat here.  And sat here.  With no thoughts whatsoever.  … Continue reading

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