My Confession

I have a confession to make.

Recently I had fussed at my middle daughter because she had locked herself out of her Ipod for the SECOND time.  Not once, but twice.  This to no end aggravates me, for two reasons:

1.  I am technologically challenged.  I have read the instructions over and over and I’m still not able to reset it.  I have to ask a Mr. Gadget friend to do it for me.

2.  My kids have been told no passwords on their electronic equipment, which the rule is rarely put into place.  But it is there, for the above reason.  They have a bad habit of putting different passwords and then forgetting, then Mom has to fix it.  Or get someone else to fix it.  Case in point, numero dos time for G-baby to get locked out of her Ipod…

So after my long lecture of why I say no passwords, having to go back and reload everything back on there, and give another lecture yet again about DO NOT PUT A PASSWORD ON HERE, it was done.  I finally consented though.  I did let them put a password on a few things, that I had chosen, easy to use, and it’s the same password every.single.time.  Each child has one password, and no one knows the others password.  But Momma does.  No weird  “fairyglitterbutt” or “callofdutygun” or “guccipradafashion” or anything crazy that is easy to forget.  Simple, easy, and something I can’t forget and they can’t forget.

Ok, so let’s turn back time for a moment:

So a friend a mine has been saying, “hey, you need to blog” and I said, “yea, I need to blog” and so I thought yesterday, “hey, I’m gonna blog today!” 

I jumped online, had a pretty tootin’ funny subject I wanted to blog about, went to the website… couldn’t log on.  WTH?

I tried. Again.  Again.  Nothing worked.  I got help support.  I answered questions.  No showing that I have a blog anywhere. 

I’m stumped.  (remember, it’s been over a month since I blogged)

So I go to my email to see if maybe they sent me info how to log on.  No emails.  I go to my friends blog, read over it, look around.

Shitake mushroom, I was on the wrong blog site.  Not  *sigh*

So I come to my WordPress… yeaaaa… I had been on Blogger.  I’m sure that online support helper thought I was freaking nuts, “Yes, I have a blog here!  I know I do!  It’s there, find it!”  Nope, I didn’t.  Geez.

Anyhoodle, I get here.  I log in.  Nothing.

User name or password incorrect. 

I try again.  and again.  and again.  I finally go to help.  Put in my email address. Wait for said email.  Am I crazy?  Is this not where my blog is?  Is my one teeny little blog out in cyber space, never to be seen again?

I get an email. 

Guess what?

*blushes* I forgot my password. 

I.forgot.MY.password.  The same thing I had preached and lectured about for a week.  I always, most always use the same thing.  This time I didn’t. 

I confess: I messed up. 

So here I am… with my password now reset.  This site placed in my favorites so I don’t lose it.  With intentions to make a really great effort to blog again.

Hopefully I won’t forget…….


About bca74

Maid, driver, dry cleaner, cook, personal homework checker, domestic goodness put on this earth to serve my family. Then there is my alter-ego. Sarcastic, trash talking, margarita drinking, would kick your butt back in the day, but loving loyal friend to the end kind of gal. I'm a Gemini, born in May... you get the drift.
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1 Response to My Confession

  1. Mel says:

    You make me laugh! You said shitake mushroom! haha… every time I say that, I think of you!

    Carsten does weird passwords like that too, like fluffypuppyfairy. WTF?

    You WILL blog again! I will not let you forget!!

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