Let’s Get it ON!

An aptly named title I do believe… I’ve had this blog for a month now and I have made my way to this page several times.

And I’ve sat here.  And sat here.  And sat here.  With no thoughts whatsoever.  No creative juices flowing.  No witty words coming to my mind. 

Then a friend made a comment today that I should  be blogging.  You know what?  She is very right!  As much as I have bitched complained about missing it, I sure haven’t made the time to do it.  And really?  How hard is it?  It’s a bunch of mindless chatter that goes on inside your head that you release into the great void of the internet world.  Cheap therapy.  So here I sit.  And yet, I still don’t know what I want to say.  So I’m going to do a Public Announcement.  A favor to the world if you will.  Something that has been on my mind today and I need to share with you outsiders. (not that anyone will read it, but it gets out of my head, so there ya go.. mission accomplished)

Spandex.  It should be illegal for anyone of the larger size.  Now, before I get hate mail, let me say this: I’m a big boned, fluffy girl.  I haven’t been a size 2 since I was a 2t toddler.  Hell, for that matter I haven’t been a size 12 since I was a 12month baby.  I’m really the last person on earth to criticize anyone on what they wear or how they wear it.  But I’m going to. 

Today I went for my morning walk at the track.  It’s so peaceful, usually on a few people.  You make the little acknowledgement nod as you pass someone, walk or bounce to the beat on your Ipod, secretly wish that cute little blonde with the tight butt would trip as she did her swinging pony tail jog past you, and you mind your own business.  I look rough.  I throw the hair up and back, tshirt, gym shorts that I have to hitch up every once in awhile because they are really too big but they are so comfy.  No makeup.  I’m a hot mess. 

BUT I have never, will ever wore spandex to exercise in. 

As I’m listening to Lil’ Wayne tell her to pop it like a *beep* and tell him baby it’s real, I see a sight before me that makes me pause.  A new person has come to the track.  Now, this is a small town.  I either know most everyone or I’m kin to them (and no, I didn’t reproduce with anyone from here, I married a man that come from a whole other state).  I didn’t recognize this um, young lady.  Now, she was dressed for exercising.  Bright yellow spandex sports bra type top.  Turquoise spandex capri pants.  Cute tennis shoes, very colorful.  Actually the whole dang outfit was cute…. if it would have been a size small on a body that weighed like, oh, 110 to 120. 

But it wasn’t on that body.

Instead it was on a body that I would say would be possibly almost 250 or up. 

Hell, I didn’t know spandex went up to that size.

Now once again, don’t be hatin’ on me for saying something about this girl, but as a girl of large nature and proportions it is my civic duty to share with other ladies of large matters, “hey, under no circumstances should you wear spandex!!”  You know, unless it’s like leggings or something, under a skirt, or dress, with boots.  Then it’s ok.  Not yellow and turquoise sports wear with your wiggle waggle jiggle jaggle going everywhere.  Cover that stuff up! 

Yes, we as women face the whole body image problem.  Fat is ugly, bone thin is ugly, straight hair is ugly, no curly hair is ugly, yadda yadda yadda.  It is important to feel great about yourself in your own skin.  Self confidence shows.  Kudos to the women that say big is beautiful.  I’m all for it.  Kudos to the women that wear a size 0, and look like a stick figure with no boobs and love it.  It really is all about personal choice.  My thing is that it doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as you wear the right clothes.  Yellow and turquoise spandex is NOT the right clothes, rather it is the lack of.

Being beautiful is a mindset.  We all tear ourselves up in our mind.  Never satisfied, changing hair color (guilty!), going on diets (guilty!), always changing fashion to the newest trends (not guilty cause I’m el cheapo and I have 3 kids to buy clothes for and a metro-sexual husband that has more shoes than I do!).

I guess perhaps I am in the wrong now that I think about it.  This lady was confident enough in her own skin to go out there, and put it all out.  Maybe, instead of being so critical, I should check myself before I wreck myself and realize what it really is:  I’m jealous.  Not of how she looks… rather of her confidence. 

Confidence is sexiness in any size.

I learned my lesson for today.  Maybe not tomorrow, or a week from now, maybe not even for another year…

but I will do it….

I’ll put on spandex.  God help us all.


About bca74

Maid, driver, dry cleaner, cook, personal homework checker, domestic goodness put on this earth to serve my family. Then there is my alter-ego. Sarcastic, trash talking, margarita drinking, would kick your butt back in the day, but loving loyal friend to the end kind of gal. I'm a Gemini, born in May... you get the drift.
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2 Responses to Let’s Get it ON!

  1. Mel says:

    Where are all the blogs?!? You are supposed to be doing this WITH me!

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